And visions of The Creature danced in my head….

Published December 31, 2014 by hairballexpress

The last few weeks have been a blur fur me- with the humans running around and the flippin creature flying in and out- I’m telling you I can’t even SLEEP without seeing that creature!

My dream STARTED with this….


What?? Is the Creature actually TURNING INTO A TORNADO? OH MY FLEAS!

And why is she after me with that block thingie??


Oh my FLEAS! What are these magic powers she has!? Is she gonna turn me into some weirdly colored kat?


Bubbles?? Is she hiding soap?? she’s NOT gonna bathe ME!!




Then I dreamed she had the rolling pin and was purracticing flattening my tail! Oh, I DON’T think so!

I woke up sharpening my claws and bolted right under the bed!

Gotta go!)πŸ™€


26 comments on “And visions of The Creature danced in my head….

  • Oh My KATS! What a NIGHTMARE!! πŸ™€πŸ™€ We hope she doesn’t have the power to reach you under the bed!! It would be fatal if the dreaded blue blob would get you!! (*shivering from fear*) 😼 Good luck, buddy! We’re sending purrs and prayers your way!! Roxy & Tigerlino ❀

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  • Poor baby …. Oh my KATS! This creature is quite a stress factor in your life. I hope you don’t end up in counseling over this. Keep those nails sharpened and be on the lookout whenever that creature is around. I wish I could send SuperKAT Rocky over to help but he has a bad cold right now and I wouldn’t want you to catch it. Your are in my purrayers, Shrimp. Right now!!! Love you, Mom BonZo

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