Shrimp’s Selfie Sunday!

Published December 28, 2014 by hairballexpress

Happy Sunday!

Today I am joining in the Sunday Selfie Blog hop with my furiends at The Kat on My Head…..

Now, I didn’t grab the badge fur it, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to show off a little bit. I’ve been playing with the iPhone’s camera, and having tons of fun admiring my cute little self. So here we go!


Purracticing my “Frankly my darling, I don’t give a (hairball) look!”


Getting ready fur my hot date with the tuxedo next door…


Do you think he’ll like the ribbons?


What the flea! He came early!

If you want to see more Pawsome kat selfies, hop on over to The Kat on my Head!

🐳🐟Have a Pawsome Sunday! 🐳🐟


20 comments on “Shrimp’s Selfie Sunday!

  • Oh Shrimp you look like a kat living on top of the world. You and that ribbon. Your date will love it. More the merrier as they say. Toonce loved ribbon. I actually miss Toonce but he liked his home and that’s all he knew.. Now he has a little girl to love him. Happy New Years and may the creature and your caretaker give you Fancy Feast till you say no more.. Make sure you get them to buy tons of it and then stop eating it…. Drives them nuts.

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    • Why thank you, Juan! Ribbon is favorite thing ever (next to chasing birds, but the flippin human won’t let me do that- and she put a flippin BELL on my collar to warn the little appetizers! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Freak! But out of all the toys I have My favorite is RIBBON!!! I can’t resist it!

      And yes, i’ve tried to do that eith the Fancy Feast she buys me- but that Morning Medleys stuff is so good, I just CAN’T resist it!!

      Dang human. 😾


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