Shrimp’s Sunday Selfies

Published December 21, 2014 by hairballexpress

Well, today I was working on my selfies skills, so I took a few pictures of myself while the human was taking her shower- (I could make a plan and take over the world before she’d get done)! 😸


So, I posed to my left, then I posed to the right,….

And I didn’t like either one- and I was about to give up and just shred the drapes before she got out of the shower…..


……when I suddenly had a revelation-


Every side is my best side!!😸


🐭Eat your heart out, Grumpy Kat! 🐭


27 comments on “Shrimp’s Sunday Selfies

  • Shrimp, you adorable KAT! You really shouldn’t complain how long your human takes a shower cause I can tell just by lookin’ at you, how well she takes care of you, includin’ brushin’ you, somethin’ that even my KATS are sore lacking. Mom BonZo can only do so much … you know … and medications and general care come first, so brushin’ is a very very special occasion in this house! Be glad you aren’t here, cause you wouldn’t be brushed like you are now. THAT should make up for your human’s long shower times. Love, MB PS Just to make YOU feel better, my KATS get their nails clipped too. Except for Cuddles and Cookie. Cuddles once dug one his nails into my hand as I tried to clip and I could not get my hand free. That um hurt! So, other then those two, ALL others get clipped, even SUPERKAT Rocky! AND Rusty! MOL

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    • I’m gonna have to have a talk with that Cookie fur biting your hand!! 😾
      But dude! Those dang showers of hers are too flippin long! Do you realize that fur every half hour she’s in there playing canary, that’s a half hour she’s NOT spoiling ME!!? She’s got her flippin priorities messed up!!😾


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