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Published December 8, 2014 by hairballexpress

I couldn’t decide what to post about tonight, so I’m going to do the kat version of freestyle writing – (blathering on and on endlessly like the dudes on tv do).


Me as I was trying to have a drink of water in private.

Kat9 News Special Report:

A much as it pains me to have to pass this on to my viewers, sources have just confirmed that it is now MONDAY.


Yes, I know it’s shocking- and experts say that humans worldwide are afflicted by this phenomena weekly fur reasons that are not yet clear.

So we asked one of our top Therapists
what he recommends to help ease this
recurring affliction…


Thank you fur that very wise advice, Mr. Minion!

And in Portland Oregon, some rather cold and unfriendly visitors have been popping up on random lawns everywhere.

We sent one of our best reporters out to investigate and find out who is responsible….


Unfurtunately, the only response he was able to get is “no comment.”

However, in one neighborhood, he may have found the PURRpetrator….


Who was later….


Taken into custody and paw – printed.

And with Christmas fast approaching, many of us are out there searching fur the PURRfect gift-


Me- searching fur the PURRfect gift (fur me)…


But there are also many who just aren’t ready fur the holidays yet.

And in entertainment news,…


Brat and Angelina Pawlie stalked off and tied the knot….(then shredded it together in a lovely ceremony).

Thank you fur joining me fur the Kat9 morning news. Now it’s my nap time.



26 comments on “Kat9 News

  • Wow! Very purrfessional news! We especially love the advice of Mr. Minion. Let’s see how it works (for the humans). MOL πŸ˜‰ Ooh, we think we’re gonna take a nap now too. Luckily for us kats EVERY DAY is a HOLIDAY… so no need for us to pretend it’s NOT Monday, hehehe… πŸ˜‰ Purrs and tunas to ya! 🐟🐬🐟🐬🐟🐬🐟🐬🐟🐬🐟🐬 xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❀

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  • I am impressed, Shrimp, on your excellent reporting skills. You must have been observing the human or perhaps watching the news. My KATS tell me it is KATday, so no need for alarm in the human world. Just passin’ that little tidbit on to you. And good luck looking for treats … YUM! Love, MB

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