Good Morning Furiends, Fleabags and Fluffballs

Published November 30, 2014 by hairballexpress

I know Thanksgiving has been over fur most of you already- but fur these weirdos, it just ended last night. This is the result…


That’s how I feel- but as you know, that’s not cute little me…


This is cute little me…😺

I'm going to have to go on
And buy some more Veggie Tales to distract the humans with… I made the rounds sampling the food on everyone’s plates last night while they were zoned into The Rumor Weed, and they never even blinked!! MWAHAHAHA!

Of course, the mashed potatoes, yams, salad, carrot sticks and crackers I only licked (didn’t like them)- but the humans never knew what I licked!! Hehehe!!

Dude- I LOVE these family gatherings…


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