Caturday thanksgiving feast of the Creature kind

Published November 30, 2014 by hairballexpress

Today the humans celebrated Thanksgiving with the Creature and her parents…..and her (newly) “adopted big sister-“


The table of munchies to keep everyone sane while they waited fur the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and rolls and salad to be done…


Imported Irish white cheddar cheese, imported Irish Gouda cheese, cheddar cheese, garlic deli crackers, and cracked pepper deli crackers with yummy deviled eggs, fruit and veggies….

And fur communion…


Imported champagne fur the grown ups- sparkling cider fur the Creature….

They chatted and worked together in the kitchen- then munched and had coffee and played trivia games-


The flippin CREATURE knew Bible trivia answers that the humans weren’t even sure of! What the flea!!

But after a few rounds she was done with that and wanted to drag (literally) her new “big sister” to her room to play….

And then….a short PURRayer (giving thanks- yes, people still do that)! And communion- then, TURKEY TIME!

The Creature wanted to see a movie while they were eating (since the table wasn’t big enough fur everyone)- so they took their goodies into the living room and put on a movie. This is what I saw as I watched from under the couch….


Wonder what they’re watching…?


From the looks on their faces, it must be a thriller!


Oh my KATS! It must be SCARY! What IS IT?


This was the Creature’s favorite part of the whole day- her choice of lemon merengue pie, cherry pie, or pecan pie – she chose ice cream…(purrobably so she could put those sticky little paws on my lovely fur)!


Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore- I had to find out what they were watching….


Veggie Tales?


The Rumor Weed?




“Alfred” isn’t the one I’m worried about!


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