A Creature Free Thanksgiving fur the kat!!

Published November 28, 2014 by hairballexpress


Today the human and I enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving- I had her all to my furry little self!

It was a KATS dream! The best part was, she spent the day in the kitchen cooking turkey, cornbread stuffing, and all kinds of other yummies, and spending lots of time doing what’s REALLY IMPORTANT- (spoiling ME)!

Then after my tuna, treats, and brushing, I passed out on the couch on my favorite blanket!


Me passed out

Meanwhile, the Creatures were busy elsewhere having fun-


The only thing I don’t understand though is why the human got all PURRsnikity when she took the turkey out of the oven- it wasn’t MY fault that he flew into the floor- 😾 I think he was just just tired of being in that hot oven, but all of a sudden, she was saying, “NO! Bad kitty!”

What does that mean, anyway?

I was just sitting on the counter watching- you know, just in case she needed a helping paw. Flippin human!



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