Tubster Tuesday

Published November 18, 2014 by hairballexpress

Okay, I know this is supposed to be in memory of my pal, Tubster-


But I don’t want you guys to furget ME!! *(tail FLAP)!* I mean, really- have you EVER seen a prettier Tortiekitty than me? WELL? Of ourse not! AND YOU NEVER WILL! Got that?

Good! Now, about my pal…. Here are some other ginger KATS that are almost as cool as he was;


Waiting fur his human to clean the LITTERBOX…


When he said he was hungry enough to eat a horse, he wasn’t kidding- so he grabbed the first thing he could get his paws on!


He was a pessimist…


“Danger” was his middle name….


He spent just a little too much time at those kat dating websites!


I told him to come out of the closet, but the moron was supposed to leave his secret in there!


They never dressed him fur Halloween again- the emergency room bill was a powerful reminder!

10 comments on “Tubster Tuesday

  • Shrimp you’re either entering Cat Zen or getting a little fed up of the ribbons they are taunting you with. Cat Zen is good… Your coat looks simply perfect..good grooming!

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  • Oh sweetie, how could we EVER forget you? You’re the most beautiful, smartest and loveliest Tortiekitty we’ve EVER seen! So don’t you worry, okay? You’re UNFORGETTABLE!! A true queen! Our little, uh we mean BIG, ⭐️STAR⭐️!! 🙂 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Purrs and 20 BIG FAT WHALES to ya! 🐳🐋🐳🐋🐳🐋🐳🐋🐳🐋🐳🐋🐳🐋🐳🐋🐳🐋🐳🐋
    xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

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