Purrsday Therapy

Published November 13, 2014 by hairballexpress

Greetings Furiends!

Thank KATS it’s almost the weekend!! Here’s a little something to help you all hang in there til FURiday! Enjoy!


Me this morning giving the kat next door a serious warning…


Me untangling my ribbons after the moron human got them all messed up playing with them – (more training fur her)!


My pal, Tiger going fishing fur me! He’s gonna bring me back a big fat TUNA!


“Plan B” – dinner if Tiger doesn’t find a big fat tuna in that tank…


Ellen- my PURRsonal secretary. She’s looking fur a replacement fur Tiger – (if he comes back without my tuna).


Tiger- caught sleeping on the job. PURRobably after eating MY TUNA!😾


Tiger’s replacement.



8 comments on “Purrsday Therapy

  • Oooh, Tiger’s replacement sure looks like he could do the job of fishing big fat tuna in the tank… let’s see if he can prove his worth to you… 😉 Purrs and extra tuna to ya! 🐠🐠🐠🐠 Roxy & Tigerlino 😻

    PEEE ESSS: What did you warn the kat next door for?

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  • Question. Why do you sometime like the neighbor Kat then sometimes it’s a growl Fest… And why do you lay with your legs straight out? That doesn’t even look comfortable.

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