Why KATS are better than dogs

Published November 5, 2014 by hairballexpress

Okay, I know I’ve addressed this before, but some humans STILL just have it stuck in their heads that they need a dog. *(shakes head)*

So, let’s try one more time to show these idiots, I mean, people why they definitely DON’T need a dog;


Dogs wish they were Kats -but we don’t have to purrtend.


Dogs follow the crowd- KATS RULE the crowd.


Try as they might, dogs just don’t fit. Hehehe!


We don’t just dream about the chicken. We eat it in such a way, that the humans think the creatures did it. MWAHAHAHA!


KATS don’t get stuck under the fence. *(shakes head)*


No self respecting kat would allow themselves to be dressed like this moron.


Go ahead- put these on a kat. I dare ya!


KATS don’t make mistakes.


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