Oh MY FLEAS! What a creepy night! πŸ™€

Published November 1, 2014 by hairballexpress

I sat in the bedroom window tonight, minding my own furry business, then I looked out and saw something so terrifying, I couldn’t hide fast enough!


It was the Creature flying up to me with an eerie green glow around her!

At first, I only saw the Creature- and that was scary enough! But then I looked again, and I couldn’t believe the weirdos that accompanied her-


Then I got a better view (unFURtunately), and I found out the creature had a sword thingie!

Lucky fur me, the guy with the weird hat tried his best to fight the creature and take her sword away before she could carry out her evil creature plans- she flippin came right at me! *(shudders)*


It was a fierce battle… The swashbuckling guy with the weird hat was really enjoying himself, so I was certain he would defeat the evil creature….(and hopefully capture her candy fur me)….


But the dang CREATURE was enjoying the fight too! Then, I guess the Creature must have called fur backup- because the next thing I knew, the not – so – “great pumpkin” arrived to help her destroy me!


Geez, they start so young these days…

BUT- lucky fur me, I believe in PURRayer- so right when I was beginning to give up, my guardian angel appeared from heaven!



So I guess when the Creature saw the angel, and the swashbuckling guy with the weird hat, and the pumpkin needed his diaper changed, I guess she decided she was outnumbered- because she suddenly turned and ran the other way!

Then again, it could be that the neighbor next door was bribing her with candy…

But either way, I BARELY ESCAPED WITH MY LIFE- and I’m exhausted!




10 comments on “Oh MY FLEAS! What a creepy night! πŸ™€

  • Oh My Cats! What a nightmare! Thank Cats your beautiful guardian angel appeared in time to rescue you from the CREATURES!! And luckily, the guy with the sparkling sword (the angel’s helper???) was there to hold the CREATURE at bay until the angel arrived… (*sigh of relief*)

    Purrs and extra tuna to ya! ❀
    xx Roxy & Tigerlino πŸ™‚

    PEEEE ESSSS: Even though they are the enemy, we have to say that the creatures look adorable in their costumes… DANGIT!! (*tail flaps*)


  • Now that’s a great looking bunch of trick or treaters. Did you give out kibble to your fellow Kats. You look completely beat. Oh Shrimp.. next year what will you dress up as? A ghost meowed? Scaredy Kat…

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