Shrimp’s Sunday Kat PURRayer

Published October 26, 2014 by hairballexpress

Happy Sunday!

My PURRayer fur all my kat pals today;

Shrimp’s kat PURRayer

May your Sunday be sunny and sleepy, may the Creatures go play somewhere else, may the humans be too worried about the water bill to give you a bath, …..

may the vet be closed, may the humans leave the tv on the bird channel, may the creepy neighbor go to Brazil fur the weekend, …

may the squirrels furget you stalk them every morning, may the humans furget to buy the flea stuff, may the dog get soaked, may you catch the spider,…

may a huge sunpuddle fill your favorite napping spot, may anybody who’s mean to you get bit by a dog, may the dog get fleas, …

may the humans furget to put the lid on the fish tank, may they spill the bag of catnip in the floor, may the vacuum
catch on fire…

May your humans only feed you the very best, may your days be filled with belly rubs and treats, and may you have 9 extra lives, and may you PURRosper in all you put your paws to,

And may you finally sell the dog on Amazon.

Amen! 🐈🐭🐹



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