Tubster Tuesday

Published October 21, 2014 by hairballexpress

Once again in memory of my furiend, Tubster- I PURRsent Tubster Tuesday!

Time to honor those ginger buckets of fur and love…


During one of those “birds and the bees” teaching sessions…


Though he tried, he couldn’t help passing out when his human took his shoes off… *(poor thing)*


Maturity means different things to different kats- but to Mr. Stripes, it means nothing at all.


Socks got tired of waiting fur his human to commit- so he helped him out a little bit….


Patches is a very loving kat- a little TOO loving- now the dog thinks they’re engaged. *(sigh)*


Skinny Sam has anxiety issues…


Sammy’s tux was at the cleaners, so he borrowed his big brother’s bow tie.

Remember to enjoy the ginger KATS in your life- they’re all extra special just like my Tubster- 🐈🐭

Rest in peace, Tubster! πŸ’œ


14 comments on “Tubster Tuesday

  • Lovely Gingery pic-age! I do love an old Marmalade Kitteh; my Dad has one, Tony, who is going on 20 years old! Tony loves my Dad, and drools all over him when he kneads his tummy! So very sweet…
    Hugs & kisses,

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