As the tummy Rumbles….

Published October 16, 2014 by hairballexpress

The Human left me alone fur HOURS again today – she gave me some lame excuse about it being the Creature’s mom’s birthday – (AGAIN? How many of those flippin things does she need)?


She NOT ONLY left the house early to go “have coffee & breakfast with the birthday girl,” but she even went to pick up the CREATURE from school!

And get a load of this


When she came back from breakfast, she teased me with a tantalizing picture of some feathered bathing beauties playing in a puddle outside the restaurant- *(chatters).*

Why would she do that? Doesn’t she know what a picture like that DOES to a kat? And to make it worse, I was FLIPPING STARVING – And locked in the house by my furry little self while she was out partying!

Just LOOK what happened next-


She even had the NERVE to watch the CREATURE so it’s parents could go out to dinner- they had popcorn (without me being able to watch it pop)- and watched Bambi and had chocolate cake – all why I sat here all alone on their king sized bed, stretched out on her memory foam pillow, kneading my paws on her teddy bear and watching the pouring rain and heavy winds!

And while they were feasting and partying, I was left with that dry cereal they call “Kat food!” *(tail FLAP)!!!*


So, when the moron,I mean the human – came home, I rolled over and trilled and gave her my cutest guilt – inducing look to make her feel like a dirtbag. It worked like a charm! MOL! 😸

That is,…until she walked into the kitchen and saw the food in the floor from that litle unFURtunate incident I had in the kitchen while I was fending fur my poor starving little self…

*(Darts under the bed)*


10 comments on “As the tummy Rumbles….

  • I have declared NO MORE with Apple. I cracked open the laptop and now I am here. You poor thing. What you don’t go through is beyond me. But I must admit the Creature really is cute. Sorry, Shrimp, but it is true. I DO LOVE YOU! xxoo Mom BonZo

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  • What?!?! They were having a great time eating all that fancy stuff while you were left all alone on a king sized bed eating ordinary “KAT food”???? What the heck!! That’s outrageous!!! How dare they treat you – the Queen of EVERYTHING – like this!! (*tail flaps*) It would serve them right if you had MORE little unFURtunate incidents in the kitchen… (evil laughs) πŸ˜‰ Purrs, Roxy & Tigerlino ❀

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