Tubster Tuesday

Published October 14, 2014 by hairballexpress

Its “Tubster Tuesday!”

In honor (and in memory) of my furiend, Tubster;

Today’s post is about ginger kats … Those Pawsome buckets of love and PURRsonality that steal the hearts (and food, and couches, and beds) of every human they come into contact with. Enjoy!


Speaking of stealing, Tubster loved to steal a lick or two of his humans’ ice cream…preferably while she was still eating it.


Although his humans had fresh water placed all over the house fur him, Tubster insisted on drinking from the bathroom sink. He sat on the side of the sink and silently instructed his human to turn the water on fur him.


He also was very resourceful…


And he was always willing to help dispose of those annoying leftovers…


He also was quite willing to share his PURRsonal opinion…


And he was a great listener…


But he never FURGOT yo snuggle his stuffies when he went to sleep!

πŸ’— Rest in peace, Tubster…..🐈 πŸ’—


17 comments on “Tubster Tuesday

  • I adore gingers……Sammy is not my first ginger as I think they are VERY special indeed. These photos are wonderful………..Tubster sounds like he was a wonderful friend. I’m so sorry for your loss!

    Hugs, Pam


    • Thank you human- Tubster was absolutely PURRecious- he liked to sit on the counter in the kitchen (in “his” spot) – watching his Human make dinner- and he would reach out with his paw and grab her and then climb up with his paws on her shoulders to ask fur love! (he always got it)😸


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