It’s been a very painful day…

Published October 12, 2014 by hairballexpress

The appt. fur my furiend’s euthanasia was moved to this afternoon (because of the Doctors’ availability) – and my humans and the Creature’s parents are hurting really bad. My purrs don’t seem to help much- I’ve never seen the humans cry so much.





Everyone is still reeling with shock and sorrow- he was very loving and special to his mommy and his other humans and everyone tried to make him well- but he had an incurable condition and was in terrible pain.

Now he is finally at peace- ๐Ÿ˜ฟ๐Ÿˆ

I’ll miss playing with him- his whole neighborhood mourns him (humans and kats).

I know this isn’t my usual kind of post but I miss my playmate and I want my human to be happy again. I think they call this a broken heart. I purrobably won’t post tomorrow unless my human is better- I’ve got to find a way to cheer her up….

๐ŸŒนRest in peace, furiend. ๐ŸŒน


Clay pawprints


44 comments on “It’s been a very painful day…

  • I’m so very, very sorry and sad for everybody…’s a very hard thing for humans to do but it’s to save your friend from pain since he was not going to get better. The final photo with him and his toy is bittersweet…..knowing he’s now over the Bridge running free makes it easier to bear though.

    Hugs and purrs, Sammy


    • Thank you, Pammy and Sammy- we take comfort in knowing he’s no longer miserable and suffering- the humans dropped everything and spent all their time with him (their neighbors also kept coming to him several times a dAy to love on him and comfort him and say goodbye)- he was extremely loved- everyone is missing him terribly but also so relieved that he’s finally free of pain


  • My heart is absolutely breaking and the tears are flowing. What a precious baby. Many purrs and love to all of you. Just remember he’s pain free and playing with all of the other babies who have crossed the bridge.


  • Dearest Shrimpie & Company,
    My heart is breaking, right along with yours, I’m certain. Whilst I cannot fathom the depths of your sorrow, I can only compare it to the loss of a human family member.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers, but mostly you remain in our hearts,
    Love, Schrรถdinger & Human


  • We know how broken hearted you are feeling, there is something missing from your home, that won’t be filled again. How lovely to see the cast of the little furry paws, something to remind you of the love you received. We are so sad for you, and do feel your pain. We send you love and comfort.


    • Thank so much fur sharing in our sorrow- we all had wonderful times with Tubster- and he was showered with love- and besides the paw prints, the vet gave us clippings of his fur too- and he had donated a generous amount fur his humans- carefully arranged all over the recliner, couch, living room rug,- their clothes….


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