More From my family album

Published October 9, 2014 by hairballexpress


I found yet another family album yesterday, as I was shredding, I mean, readying a box in the human’s closet fur my nap…

Oh my kats! Some of my family members are so flipping EMBARRASSING!


Cousin Jamie- she has a thing fur dogs- (I wish I was kidding, but she really does)- *(shakes head)*


Another embarrassing family Member- uncle George- he’s the classic “peeping Tom.” You usually know where he is by following the shrieks.


Another weirdo- Aunt Julienne. She fell in love with every dog she ever met- disgraceful!


My big brother, Stripey. He became obsessed with the “Buddah” next door- the idiot.


Cousin Tubster thinks he a frog and tries to catch flies with his tongue. His creature dropped him on his head when he was a kitten.


Great uncle Sammy just couldn’t lay off the milk- poor dude.


Sweet little Puffball is a cutie- unFURtunately, he’s also obsessed with himself. He can’t resist a mirror- or grabbing his human’s smartphone fur selfies.


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