Monday Mischief

Published October 6, 2014 by hairballexpress

I hate to say it, humans- but it’s Monday again!

But hey, look on the bright side- while you’re slaving away at work and rushing the creatures to school or daycare, your kats (and other pets) will be having a blast! MWAHAHAHA!

Here’s what some of my relatives are doing today….


Of course, every now and then a SMART bird spoils even the best plans….


Oh, this little guy is going to make his mommy sooooo PURRoud!


Choose “YES!”


This is one of my favorite things to do! The look on the humans’ face when she reaches fur a hair tie and finds it covered with kat food is PURRiceless!!


“Good kitty!” Hehehe- I sure hope the human’s dinner is still there when they get home!



20 comments on “Monday Mischief

  • One of my KATS did the no-no on one of my library books. It got um marked. Yup, I do LOVE my KATS. I had to pay for the book plus charges. IF you knew what I have gone through just to post this, you will treasure ths comment! Love, Mom BonZo


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