Kitten lessons; Getting Along

Published September 30, 2014 by hairballexpress

There’s so much that we kats have to remember in order to get along with the different types of morons , I mean, humans we live with.

Here are some basic points you need to master:


Be honest.


Listen to your inner voice(s).


Let the dog know when he’s out of line.


Say your PURRayers.


If they won’t open the door, find a window- (break when necessary).


Don’t eat the fish- (while they’re looking).


Always sample the human’s food to be sure it’s safe!


Help your human decorate by being sure to scatter your fur equally throughout the house. This keeps the humans happy.


Always tell on the dog. IMMEDIATELY!


ALWAYS WEAR YOUR CROWN… To remind them who’s in charge!


17 comments on “Kitten lessons; Getting Along

  • Aw, Shrimp, you are so smart! Important lessons I will let my Rufus read and comment on each so he doesn’t get the wrong idea!
    I found a black sweater on the floor in my closet, and wouldn’t you know, it was FULL of his white fur! I guess he learned that one too well! πŸ™‚


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