More Kitten Lessons

Published September 29, 2014 by hairballexpress

Now that the Creatures are back in school, it’s time to resume my yearly kitten lessons.

Humans don’t realize it, but just like their creatures have to learn how to walk, talk and behave, kittens also have to go to school to learn how to be a self-respecting member of kat society. This is why they come to me – since I’m a well known example of PURRFECT kathood.


First, let me introduce you to some of my students:


Bubs……. Expert in the cattitude lessons.


Grumpy kat and her brother- the human always has to separate them fur me.


Frisky- she can’t get her mind off eating long enough to learn anything- *(shakes head)*


Fluffster challenges my authority- but not fur long!


Princess- obviously was absent when we discussed what a self-respecting Kat will and will NOT wear….

Well, that’s enough fur now. I’m exhausted just THINKING all that thinking- be on time tomorrow fur the first session promptly at, uh- *(scratches head)* uh- well after my sixth nap….

IMG_3904.JPG 🐭


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