Kat family reunion

Published September 25, 2014 by hairballexpress

It’s that time of year again, when the family gets together to see who can irritate each other the quickest. Kat families are great at this too. Meet some more of my relatives:


Brother in law (# 1), Cranky. Cranky hates dinosaurs- especially obnoxious dinosaurs that flip and hit him on the nose when he chews on their tail.


Sister (#47),Chatty Cathy, has a sweet tooth that she can’t resist – here she’s practicing her stealth attacks….


Great aunt Tippy- hypnotizing the neighbors dog to make him cluck like a chicken… Gonna try that on the Creature!


Brother in law (#32), Blackie – Blackie is hooked on birds- big birds, like crows, bluejays and (delicious) cardinals. He’s developed a new way to hunt them.


Brother in law (#52), Sammy- is addicted to boxes-


Aunt Moggie; has a thing fur wine (and the corks)- that started when her human had a birthday and dropped the cork on the floor. Auntie decided the smell of wine was intoxicating, and chewed up the cork. Too bad they lock her in the bedroom when they’re gonna drink now.


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