Sunday plot foiled😾

Published September 21, 2014 by hairballexpress

I started my Caturday with plans to rearrange those annoying vertical blinds the human has at the windows, since they’re always interfering with my getting my paws on whatever bugs happen to fly near me when I’m sitting in the window…


As usual, the human didn’t appreciate my redecorating attempts, and chased me out of the window- (I’m still plotting the demise of those stupid blinds)….


Lucky fur me, the human knew I’d look fur something else to rearrange, so she found something and started playing with me….


Maybe there’s hope fur her yet- of course, it wasn’t as much fun as rearranging the blinds, knocking over vases, eating flower arrangements,and shredding important documents- but I guess it’ll do- fur now.


Hmmmm,…… I wonder if I could enlist the creature to help me with those blinds- I’ll think about it- meanwhile, those blinds will be destroyed in my dreams! MWAHAHAHA!


16 comments on “Sunday plot foiled😾

  • Now yous finkin’ Crepes. Cweature wuld be a gweat patsy. Sumtime when da cweature be there yous shuld make short work of those blinds and then blame it on hers. MOL Yous lookin’ gweat as always.

    Luv ya’



  • Totally agree with the BRILLIANT ONES here. Destroy thte blinds and make it look like the creature did it. What a payback! Oh yeah, I can see it now. If you need any hlep, steal your human’s phone and dial 1-800-Roc-ky🐬🐾 There you go! LOVE and smooches, Mom Bon Zo


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