Monday fur humans vs Monday fur kats

Published September 15, 2014 by hairballexpress

Humans dread Mondays because it’s back to the grindstone fur them.

I mean, think about it- they have to draaaaaaag themselves out of bed ready or not, and jump in the shower half asleep (which explains a lot of the loud noises I’ve been hearing lately)- while the kat is still sprawled out on the bed snoring and drooling on the pillow after playing all night.

And while they’re slaving away all day on a half empty stomach, dealing with obnoxious bosses, we’re at home falling asleep with our head in the kibble bowl and leisurely chewing up houseplants and destroying toilet paper.


Or,….checking out those snacks the humans won’t share…




Enjoying other goodies while the humans are away…


Of course, those Plants aren’t always tasty-


And some of us even do our own shopping while the humans are at work…


And of course, we have to try the latest styles-


Then we get to try our paws at making our own food while the humans are slaving away,…

but what the humans don’t know, is that’s our work!

Then when it’s time fur them to get home, our shift ends and it’s time to go back to doing what they expect-


Dang, it’s hard being a kat!


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