More from the nut farm

Published September 9, 2014 by hairballexpress


The last week has been nuts around here – creatures invading from every direction, and keeping my human busy with things that are totally unimportant-

You know, things like FUN (what the flea)!?

She’s been spending all her time with “the FAM”- instead of serving me which is her flippin JOB! *(tail FLAP)!*

She gave me all kinds of excuses fur her negligence- here are some of my favorites;

β€’ “I’m meeting my grand baby fur the first time… He’s 4 months old and I haven’t seen him until now”…(likely story)!

β€’ “they came hundreds of miles to see us so we could get to know the baby and spend time with them…”

β€’ “Who knows when we can be together again?”,…blah,blah,blah…

Meanwhile, she’s at the Creatures’ cave playing “Heads Up,” making fried chicken fur everybody in flippin creation (EXCEPT the kat)- playing with the creature and the BABY creature, and going out with the grown up Creatures while I sit here all by my adorable little self with nothing but fleas to entertain me!

*(you’re all invited to my pity party beginning now,)…..*

Check out some of the evidence I gathered!


Pilates lessons fur the human took her away from me FUR HOURS!
They even got the BABY CREATURE in on it! *(shakes head)*


And when they weren’t busy doing Pilates, playing with the baby creature, playing games, or eating,…. they flippin WENT OUT!

Morons. *(tail swish)*


16 comments on “More from the nut farm

  • OH MY KATS!! How dare they neglect you like this! That’s outrageous!! We can’t believe you have to put up with that kind of behavior! Have they forgotten who’s the QUEEN of their household???? Have they forgotten that they should worship the ground you’re walking on???? (*angry tail flaps*) Looks like it’s time for a retraining… AGAIN!!! (*sigh*)

    Purrs, Roxy & Tigerlino ❀


  • Well now dat just ain’t wight, no it isn’t. Yous gotta make hers pay meez tells ya’. Not suwe what yous pughtta do, but maybe sevewal fings as this be a total twavesty. By all means leav a hairball in hers shoes and maybe even one under da covews on da bed. And fur suweignore hers till she offers lots of da bestest tweats and sum of yous own fwied chicken. Meez not know what els, but meez suwe yous can come up wiff sumfin’. MOL

    Luv ya’



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