The Invasion continues…Dang humans!

Published September 2, 2014 by hairballexpress

Today the creature invasion continues….The newest creature and it’s Mom and the Creature’s partner in crime (Mom) came over….



I could tell the little creature was just dying to get hold of my tail- or flatten my ears- or bop me upside the head- he totally gave it away when he kept looking at me and laughing….

Then I got all excited because I heard them talking about taking the creatures to THE RIVER!! YES!


The Creature’s Dad jumped right in- literally!


Followed by the Creature…


I just don’t get it. Why are they getting wet ON PURPOSE?


Poor little pony- (shakes head)…


Even the new creature got in on it!


But what I really don’t understand is- why’d they bring them back?


17 comments on “The Invasion continues…Dang humans!

  • Yes young creatures do that… They aren’t jealous of your tail or silky soft ears but they are intrigued by them… I want a fluffy tail and ears that flip back:) Your family loves you!


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