Caturday invasion!

Published September 1, 2014 by hairballexpress

Just my flippin luck!

I had such Pawsome plans fur my Caturday. It was going to be sunny and cool and I had sharpened my claws to the sharpest points EVER in anticipation of catching myself some nice, juicy dragonflies.

But then, right as the human was settling down in the bedroom with me and her first cup of coffee, (fur our ritual brushing session), there was a knock at the door-

I didn’t hear any talking… But I could have SWORN I smelled the familiar scent of the Creature- only something was different…and then, human #2 answered the door, and I rocketed OUTTA THERE AT SPEEDS I DIDN’T KNOW I WAS CAPABLE OF!

There wasn’t just the Creature- there was ALL OF THE HUMAN’S GROWN CREATURES AND THE NEWEST ONE!

* (Where the flea is my nip stash??….) *


Oh my kats! It’s already plotting to bite my tail, I’ll Just BET YOU!


Then, staying at a safe distance, I stalked them fur the rest of the day (since the humans left with them- I had to make sure she’d come back home)! I couldn’t believe what these morons did… No self respecting kat would do these things – (but then, they’re only human, I guess)!


They first went to someplace with FOOD EVERYWHERE- but they didn’t bring anything back fur ME!


Then they went some other place where there was food EVERYWHERE (and coffee)- but still nothing fur the kat! *(don’t worry, they’ll pay)*….


And then the morons took pictures of themselves taking pictures!


What do they PUT IN THAT COFFEE?


33 comments on “Caturday invasion!

  • Oh Shrimp..i feel your pain..we had introoders here on Friday night AND they stayed on Saturday…that meant I had to go UTB as much as possible ..avoiding the other cats who wanted UTB too MOL…..them small things are weird..they move erratically and smell like foodables…but you can’t bite them???? paw pats Marbles xx


  • Oh my furry tail!! How horrible.
    Not only do my humans chase me down twice a day and shove pills and some nasty tasting stuff in a bottle dropper down my throat, they catch me and shove me into the carrier and take me to that mean vet who gives me a shot twice a week.
    I will admit I am feeling much better.
    Now you would think the creatures would stay away to let me relax, but no-the adult creature brought her adult creature who brought her new born baby creatures.
    I hissed and told them to leave but they stayed.
    We need to figure rout who to get our humans all to ourselves with out these awful creatures.


    • OH MY KATS! They put you through all that PAWFUL STUFF??? Dude -(ette)! I think it’s time fur you to talk to Judge Judy! Don’t worry- I’ll also talk to the kat mob boss here-(remember “the Judge?” He’ll take care of the whole bunch of them!! *Meanwhile, give them a big temper tantrum- complete with hairball…*


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