I’ll never understand the Creature!

Published August 26, 2014 by hairballexpress

That Creature just baffles my little brain sometimes…


She was “straightening her bed” – (interpretation: hiding toys under the blankets) when she furgot she was inches away from the ceiling and started bouncing on the bed (hitting her head on the ceiling)!! *snickers* MOL!!!


Apparently that didn’t bother the Creature very much because then, right when I thought she was going to leave the bed and not hit her head again,….


Being the inventive Creature she is, she found yet another way to hit herself in the head!


She was playing with her weird pink weapon thingie-


And in addition to hitting herself on the head with it, she managed to throw it just right and hit the HUMAN IN THE HEAD WITH IT TOO! (Bad idea)…

But the human was about to take it away from her when she threw it “way up high!” – and it fell on the ROOF OF ITS CAVE!!! MOL!!!!!!!


“But how will we get it down? We HAVE to get it down! It’s AN EMERGENCY!”

The human didn’t quite see it that way- MOL!




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