Giraffe Stew!

Published August 23, 2014 by hairballexpress

The Creature’s latest victims

I stalked over to the Creature’s cave again today, and I couldn’t believe my angry little eyes!

The Creature helping one of her toys to TRAP the others to EAT THEM!

She assembled some of her animals together, and TRAPPED them so the big brute with the long snout could have himself a tasty plastic buffet-
(How RUDE)!


Look how much fun it has setting them up fur disaster!

I felt awful fur the poor, pitiful plastic prey- but the Creature laughed with glee the whole time- (*shakes head*)


I just can’t believe Creatures these days….

And if that’s not bad enough, it asked the Human what she’d do “if the giraffe ATE (HER) COMPUTER!”

The human said, “Well, I’d purrobably eat him!” The Creature apparently liked that answer, because look what it DID!


It killed the animals!

Then, the human left the room fur a few minutes to look fur something, and the Creature called her and said “Come back!! I made something fur you!”


Relax… It’s really just some black olives it found in the fridge… But try telling the Creature that!


31 comments on “Giraffe Stew!

  • Shrimp, your life is a nightmare with that creature around. Next thing you know, she is going to try to trap you. Oh OH! I didn’t mean to scare you. Honest. Darn it. But the way things are looking you better find a good hiding place!!! Very concerned, Mom BonZo


  • Oh My Cats! WHAT?!?! She killed the animals??? Say it ain’t so!!!!!!!! 😯 Next thing you know she’ll be asking the human what she would do if you scratch on her couch!! And what if the human says “Well, I’d purrobably eat her!” too?! 😯 Uh oh… you’d better watch the CREATURE’S EVERY move… Good luck… (*sigh*)

    Purrs and a camera (you can set up to monitor your house) to ya! xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


  • Are you sure you are safe there with the creature around – She may think of Kat stew next…! ;o Nubes said she would be happy for you to move in. You may just need to convince Oli not to be jealous 😉


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