Boyfriend # 398,076

Published August 18, 2014 by hairballexpress


Well, after I showed everyone my most interesting bachelor kats yesterday, everyone said I should choose “Fisher – Kat.”


My handsome Fisher – Kat!

So, today I offered him my expertise in eliminating that big basket of smelly fish- and he was happy to accept!



So, being the PURRoper little lady kat I am, I set about washing up right away-
(even kats don’t like fish- breath)!


But when I was finished washing up, I looked around and he was GONE!!


I called fur him, but he didn’t answer…
(The handsome ones are always weird like that)…

So I went looking fur him, and I FOUND HIM!


Sound asleep!!


I KNEW He was PURRfect fur me!

*(yawn / snore)*


21 comments on “Boyfriend # 398,076

  • Does he meow for no reason? Why do you Kats meow. Toonce tends to meow and tell me of his days adventures… Sometimes you just want say, “Please toonce, I’ll do whatever you want but please stop meowing.”


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