More kat careers

Published July 28, 2014 by hairballexpress

You know, people underestimate the talents and intelligence of their local housekat.

Fur example, in the picture below it looks like I’m sleeping. But there’s much more happening there:


I’m reminding the humans that they need to take a break often throughout their busy day.

I’m showing them how to let it all go and just chill.

I’m also testing their bedding fur comfort – you know, making sure there’s no lumps under the blankets.

In other words, I’m a sleep therapist!

But I’m not the only talented housekat –

Look at the careers some of my furiends have:


• Sweater models (they get paid a boatload of tuna and treats to look that ridiculous)…


• Door Decoration –

It doesn’t pay much, but hey, at least he can’t get arrested fur bring a peeping tom!


• Sea Captain;

No pay, but the fringe benefits are PAWSOME!


• Bed Warmers:

Few people know this, but this is also another one of my many talents – one of the best fringe benefits of this career is the frequent spider snacks we get when they sneak out while humans are sleeping- (YUM)!


• Food taster –

Dude. Must’ve been the cheap stuff.


• Image consultant –

I hear it’s very rewarding to bolster another kats’ self esteem (never tried it purrsonally)!

Well, time fur me to log in fur bed warming duty – stay tuned fur more fascinating kat careers!

18 comments on “More kat careers

  • Shrimp you looked like you had passed out from all the Kat Nip… Do the humans put those liquid drops behind your neck to kill those pesky fleas? Toonce freaks out! What is it?


  • WOW! So many great career paths to choose from! Hmmm… should we become a bed warmer… or a food taster… or a bed warmer… It’s such a hard decision to make! (*sigh*) Oh well… we will have to sleep over it and then decide… (*snore*)

    Purrs and tunas to ya! 🙂
    xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


  • I like the bedwarmer one best, Shrimp, as you can also snuggle with your human too. Two jobs at one time. NICE! And fur bein’ such a talented KAT, this one is just fur you! Loved the post, Dude!! Love, MB


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