The drowned Barbie and other horror stories

Published July 26, 2014 by hairballexpress


Apparently Barbie isn’t much brighter than the moron humans that made her, since she’s laying there grinning from ear to ear even after the Creature drowned her in the bathroom sink fur an hour.


And undaunted by the now REALLY  lifeless Barbie, the Creature moves on to drown the zebra too…(lucky him).Bad enough the poor plastic dude got slathered in girly soap first and suffered the indignities of girly clips on his mane- now he has to drown with a “soapin naked” Barbie on top of that. Oh joy.


And now fur the next slathering of girly soap (just in case he’s not humiliated enough).


And now the finishing touches- (finishing him off)!


And now  she gives poor drowned Barbie some animal cookies… (Really)?


Uh oh. More in store for poor Barbie and the zebra…(look at the poor dude’s face)!


She’s so purroud of herself…




And now she’s  cold!?


I guess she doesn’t want the zebra to miss out…(poor dude)….


 And they wonder why I dive under the bed when it comes around….(go figure)! *(tail flap)*

17 comments on “The drowned Barbie and other horror stories

  • Oh My Cats! This is like watching a horror movie! 😯 But we are mystified as to why the CREATURE was bathing that Barbie for so long?! Surely she didn’t really want to drown her, did she???

    Purrs and a happy weekend to you! 🙂
    xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


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