Mirrors: the Cool kat’s toy

Published July 24, 2014 by hairballexpress

I’m amazed at how many kats out there still insist on playing with stuffed mice and other kat toys even after all my well – planned lectures. Oh good litter!

But I’m going to let you know what the really cool, smart kats (like me) play with:



Now this kat may look like he’s just staring at himself in the mirror, but he’s actually inspecting the frame fur damages. He’s such a hard worker!


Now, you’d purrobably never guess it but this kat is a motivational speaker!


And this kat, well, he’s one of those egotistical kats that think he’s better than all the others…


And this kat, well, he’d make Grumpy kat purroud! The mirror looked at him the wrong way- and he’s a living example of the proper cattitide that every kat needs to strive fur. Good job, Rambo kitty!

More tomorrow- time fur my 12th nap and I’m already late! *(yawn)*


22 comments on “Mirrors: the Cool kat’s toy

  • Me luvs a mirror. And meez luvs tu sit and look at meselff and chirp till mommy gets up and comes tu “check” on me. Then meez sits there all innocent like and mews softly at hers. MOL Meez usually dus this aftew hers been wunnin’ wound and is tiwed and sits down fur a minute tu west. hehehe

    Luv ya’



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