More kitten lessons; more about those toys

Published July 21, 2014 by hairballexpress


Those dang humans are getting better at tricking us kats when it comes to toys.

Here in this picture of lovely little me, you can see a jingle bell next to my paw. Apparently the human thought she could outsmart me if she MADE me a toy instead of buying one from the store- (cheapskate)!

Yet another attempt to snag me in the kat toy trap!


Remember, kittens – don’t fall fur the kat toy trap!

The handsome kat above is demonstrating his own purrsonal toy choice, a plastic bag! These make a great choice fur several reasons;

They glide across the floor and make it easier to enter the room with a bang- literally! It’s soooo much fun to slide into the room at the speed of light and hear the big crashes that follow (and watch things come tumbling down)! And if you do it just right, the birdcage will come tumbling down too (YUM)!

WARNING: if one of those things that tumbles down is human, it could lead to side effects such as tuna and treat deprivation and cheap kat food.

But while there are risks to these things, the real benefit here is the fun exercise you get and the fact that the crinkly noise the bag makes annoys the heck out of the humans after a few minutes – (bonus points)!

You also get to shred the bag when you’re done (YES)! – and have EVEN MORE fun watching the humans clean up the mess while you “sleep!”

More in the next lesson…

Happy shredding! *purrs*


***(Playing is such hard work)!***


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