More from my family album

Published July 17, 2014 by hairballexpress


So I was chasing a juicy spider yesterday and found some more family albums. Unfortunately, the spider wasn’t impressed – especially when I decided one of the pages looked like a nice napping spot.

Amazing how they curl up in a tight little ball when they croak. 

Well anyway, check out these family photos:


Aunt Mindy .... Miss Cattitude 1999

They say Aunt Mindy was the epitome of cattitude. She won the Miss Cattitude pageant in 1999. She taught me everything I know.


Uncle Rob from my great great great great great grand daddy's side.

Uncle Rob hit the nip a little too hard and woke up shaved one day.  Poor dude never got over it.


Cousin Blackie

Cousin Blackie was one of 16 kats in his litter and he was the youngest, so he always had a tough time.  They say he was already close to the edge but then his human got a label gun and labeled him…. She never did that again – and he got 3 years in the pound fur assault.


Sister fluffbut

Sister fluffbut nursed more than the rest of the litter (much to mom’s dismay), and they said she had a higher IQ than the Purresident.  After getting bored with video games, she went on to run fur Congress. Maybe she can fix it. *(tail flap)*

*Photos from Pinterest*


15 comments on “More from my family album

  • Oh Shrimp, you have such an amazing family! Although of course none of them are as fabulous as you (although Hell Kitty does come pretty damn close! :P)


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