Meet my latest True Love(s):

Published July 14, 2014 by hairballexpress


Meet my first true love, Chunky.

I met him a few months ago at a kat fight in a neighbor’s yard.  It was love at first yowl.

Unfortunately, he came away from the fight with a few purroblems, so he’s gotten quite attached to sitting on the heating pad.


This is the second love of my life –
His name is Grouchy. He’s a little short tempered because he lives with 4 Creatures, 2 dogs, a ferret, and 2 parakeets.

The creatures are always annoying him, the ferret steals his toys, the dogs are dumber than baseboards, and the humans won’t let him eat the parakeets – (go figure).


My third true love, Roscoe. Bless his flea bitten heart –  every night he came and brought me dragonflies and serenaded me at my window….

Until one night when the human turned on the vacuum and he flew out the window in a panic (and got stuck).  Haven’t seen him since.


I'll be waiting ...

*(leaving nip and fancy feast under the window fur him every night)*


40 comments on “Meet my latest True Love(s):

  • What handsome guys you’re stringing along there Shrimp…….I kinda like the heating pad dude and the window escapee best…..the heating pad dude would be THE GUY to know in the winter – I bet he’d share… for window dude, well, getting squished in a window COULD have discouraged him from visiting again!

    Hugs, Sam


  • Shrimp you Kat you.. You love those glam gam shots.. Have you no Kat modesty? You like the bad Kat guys who leave you with nothing but a broken heart and litters…


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