Oh YAY. MORE special attention fur the Creature. Yahoo.

Published July 11, 2014 by hairballexpress

The Creature about to get spoiled AGAIN. YAY.

Here’s The Creature out fur a special day with its parents.  Poor things.

I just don’t get it.  What the flea is the attraction humans have to these creatures?


The Creature in the new water dish they bought it today.

They even bought it a new water dish today, but why they put it in the backyard I’ll never know. *(scratches head)*

And anyway, how much water do they expect it to drink, fur kats’ sake?


HEY! How come HER water dish comes with bubbles?


Hmm. Doesn't look like she's thirsty.

Well, apparently she doesn’t like the water, since she keeps pouring it out and trying to get rid of it…..

Oh Darn. *(snickers)*


10 comments on “Oh YAY. MORE special attention fur the Creature. Yahoo.

  • Hehehe you never know Shrimp, perhaps one day you’ll have a creature of your own and then you’ll understand it? 😉 don’t worry, VERY much joking. After all, why would you want to risk losing your lovely figure?


  • Shrimp you hate getting your fur wet… Who knows what they might be thinking. Let’s give Shrimp a bath. I say a set of claws in the right place might put an end to the big water bowl.


  • Hmmmm… humans are so strange, aren’t they?! Why would they give the Creature such a HUGE bowl of water to drink?! That’s just crazy!! She’ll NEVER be able to drink that much!! (*shaking heads*) On second thought… maybe the water is for the giraffe that’s sitting in that bowl and not for the Creature?! The giraffe sure looks thirsty…

    Have a super nice weekend, sweetie! 🙂
    Purrs ❤ Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


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