Published July 9, 2014 by hairballexpress

I'm so PURROUD of myself!

Well, after reading the human’s psychology books fur the last four years (when she was gone, of course), I have FINALLY managed to SUCCESSFULLY HYPNOTIZE HER !
(he he he)…. *(rubs paws together with delight)*…..


The Creature getting watered!!!

Today before the human left to watch the Creature at its cave, I had a long talk with her as she brushed me and feed me treats.

Little did she know I was exercising my mind powers on her!

I told her the Creature was in need of watering with the hose…


It worked on the Creature too!

Apparently I’m better than I thought… Because the Creature got hypnotized too!!! She kept telling the human she was a rose that was thirsty and was going to DIE without water – (how convenient)!

SO, the human (following my suggestions), doused her with the hose! *(purrrrrrrs)* Dang, I’m good.


But why is the Creature SMILING?

The only thing is, I just don’t get why the Creature is smiling… What did I do wrong?

           *(digs book out again)*…….



  • Apparently, I’ve heard, humans come out of hypnosis feeling happy and relaxed. That’s obviously what happened here. Congratulations, Shrimp, you did a really good job! 🙂


  • YEAH!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!! We’re SO proud of you!!! 😀 (*doing a happy dance*) 😀
    As for the CREATURE still smiling… hmmmm… maybe water is having that effect on you? Maybe if you get watered TOO MUCH you get HAPPY?!?!?! Hmmmm… we have to google that… maybe we find an answer online… just hang on…

    Purrs and congrats on your first victory!! 😀
    ❤ Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


      • Hey sweetie! You won’t believe it, but the search came up with lots of hits for the search terms “happy + water”!! And apparently to those hits “Happy water makes happy humans”… and happy dogs… and happy (*now brace yourself*) CHILDREN a.k.a. CREATURES!!!!! 😯 Can you believe it?! That’s why the CREATURE was smiling even though she got doused by water!! Beacuase the water made her HAPPY!! Dangit!! 😯

        We actually don’t find that water makes us happy which makes us wonder what kind of water that “happy water” really is?! Maybe there’s something added to it… like nip? That would explain EVERYTHING, wouldn’t it?! MOL 😉

        *(super di duper purrs*)
        Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


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