A lovely Day…. And putting the human down fur a nap…

Published July 6, 2014 by hairballexpress


Today was such a lovely FUN day! It was just me and my humans all day long, and they both spoiled me and gave me lots of snuggles and belly rubs !

Human #1 stayed home with me and played with me, brushed me, and gave me so much attention that I didn’t let her out of my sight all day!

In fact, every time I thought she was going to get busy with some chore, I followed her and sat at her feet, staring at her until she (finally) figured out that I was trying to tell her something!

Then, when she got up to figure out what I was saying, I led her to the bedroom and showed her that I wanted her to sit on the bed. When she did, I walked up to the nice,
soft memory foam pillow she uses and laid down on it [between her and human # 2].

Then I put my paws on her pillow, and purred and kneaded my paws and licked her face giving her sandpaper kisses and in no time at all she was asleep! (This is my favorite trick when I see the human getting busy and not getting enough rest)!

Every time I do this, she falls asleep within a few minutes (he he he)!

Once I knew she was asleep, I jumped down from the bed and curled up on my throne (about 3 feet away)  to take a nap. 

But after an hour or so, she woke up and was going to get up.  So I sat up straight and looked at her like she used to look at her kittens when used to put them down fur a nap when they were creatures… (where do you think you’re going?

Then I jumped back on the bed and back to the pillow and did it all over again, and soon she was sound asleep again. Works like a charm!

That way,  I make sure she gets some rest when the Creature’s not here, and I get to make sure she isn’t going to go  anywhere!


Life is good…. *((purrs))*


14 comments on “A lovely Day…. And putting the human down fur a nap…

    • Yes, I need to do that more often. The human is so busy running after the Creature and cleaning and going to her physical therapy appts all the time that she never has any free time anymore. I have to stop the lady in her tracks!


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