Interview with the Creature

Published July 3, 2014 by hairballexpress

I was thinking last night that maybe I needed to try reasoning with the Creature. And then I thought I should purrobably
interview her.

Then I woke up.


Of course, I was LAUGHING MY WHISKERS OFF when I woke up, but after thinking about it fur a while (and finding a disguise), I decided I had nothing to lose.

So I put on my Tom Brokpaw disguise
and purracticed changing my meow and then purrceded to question the Creature.


      It went something like this:

(Me) :  “So, Creature, I was wondering,…..

(Creature) : SHRIMP!!! Shrimp!!! Shrimp!!! SHRIMMMMMPPIE!!!!

*(Maniacal laughter)*


(Creature) : SHRIMMMMMPPIE!!!
(flailing her arms, shaking her ponies at me)….

(Me) : *(ducking / hissing) *

(Creature) : *(shoves pony in my face)*

‘which pony do you want to groom first? How about Flutter Shy? How about Apple Jack? Here’s Rainbow Dash!!  How about Rainbow Dash?  Huh?  How about Rainbow Dash?’

*(starts spinning around, ponies flying dangerously close to my head)*


(Me) : I just was wondering,… Uh, why you always….

(Creature) : Shhhhrrrimmmmpieee !

*(running toward me)*

(Me) : *(HISSSSSSS)!!!!!!!!!!!*

*(flies under bed desperately searching fur nail file)….


*(furget interview / book flight to the moon) *


32 comments on “Interview with the Creature

  • Oh My Cats! Is the CREATURE like this ALL THE TIME?!?!?! Does she ever stop talking?! Poor Shrimp! It must be awful to be surrounded by a talking tornado…. 😯 Why, oh why, can’t they make CREATURES that come with a mute button?! (*sigh*)

    Purrs ❤ Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

    P.S. WOW! You look so beautiful with that mask… Ever thought of modelling? 😉


  • The Creature is always like that when she sees me! The human is trying to teach her to “watch the kitty’s Body language” and to “back off” when she sees me getting nervous… But the Creature is flippin obsessed with me! *(peeking out from under the dust ruffle)! *


  • Shrimp SHRIMP calm down!!! SUPERKAT ROCKY went to the Moon and I am SURE he left you some magic behind to help you with this creature. I don’t know what to tell you. This is getting dangerous. This creature is totally and I mean totally out of control. What is yur human feeding this one? Hightest super charged SUGAR or sometin’? Go to that Moon and find what SUPERKAT ROCKY left you. If he can fly to the Moon so can you. You KATS have magical flying powers!! Now go, there is no time to loose! I am so concerned. It’s a good thing I’m cleanin’ cause I would be pacing back and forth worrin’ about you. Now go fly!!!!! (ear skritches) Love, Mom BonZo


  • as I said before: she’s very pretty with her short hair… and she does seem to be quite active and dynamic! 🙂 you must not have time to get bored with such a “creature”… 😉 good-night and stay tuned, Crevette… ❤ 😉


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