Snoozing peacefully when suddenly…

Published July 2, 2014 by hairballexpress


Today I was determined to catch up on my busy napping schedule, and was halfway through my 9th nap fur today (9 out of the usual 22)-

But suddenly something didn’t feel right so I opened my eyes….


Oh my whiskers!!! The Creature was Right in front of me stalking me!!!


I can’t believe the human would let it get so close to me!  What the flea was she THINKING?

And to make matters worse, there’s ANOTHER Creature that I’ll have to hide from soon….. It’s just a matter of time…. then someday I’ll look up and HE’LL BE STALKING ME TOO!  *(dives under the bed)*





Photo from Pinterest


17 comments on “Snoozing peacefully when suddenly…

  • Now, Shrimp, the only way you are going to get over your fears, is to FACE them. Even though you are little, you have very sharp claws and teeth, just remember that, more so then either creature does. And you know how to jump high, they don’t. You know how to scramble a lot faster then they do. Lots of +++++’s on your side. You did make me laugh,, I have to admit. And for this I give you *tummy skritches* Love, Mom BonZo


      • I know about those naps, Shrimp. You think YOU have it bad. Every time I go to lay on the couch for perhaps all of 5 minutes, just to you know KAT NAP, I have at least one KAT jumping on my chest (UHHHH!) knocking the wind out of me, or another one licking my hair, or a third wanting to lay on my legs. Now come on! Some days I have to LOCK a door to get a KAT NAP in! You are not the only one with creature problems. MOL (((HUGS)))


  • Oh My Cats!!!! šŸ˜Æ What a shocking thing to wake up to!!!!!!!! You must have been soooo scared! (*shivers*) The CREATURE is getting closer!! Uh oh!! šŸ˜Æ Next thing you know it will be TOUCHING you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! šŸ˜Æ RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN…..


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