It looks like my parents have some explaining to do…

Published June 30, 2014 by hairballexpress


Today was a creatureless day, (YES)!! – and I was basking in the warm sunlight that shone through the bedroom window and enjoying a long brushing session with the human as she sipped her coffee and prepared to write in her journal….

But then she picked up the journal, and some pictures fell out.  The human picked them up and stuck them back between the pages of the journal quickly as if she was trying to hide them from me.

Well, you know the old saying about kats and curiosity, so I investigated….When she got up fur her tenth refill on her coffee, I opened the journal to where the pictures were and read what was written.

Now I’m upset and I’m going on the Dr.Phil show the first chance I get!

Meet my “parents;”


"Mom and Dad"

Notice I don’t look anything like them?

And look at these pictures!!


"sister Muffy"

Hmmmmmmmm…..I don’t think so…


"sister Picasso?"

Uh huh.


"sister Chatty?"

So how come I don’t look like ANY of them? *(tail flap)*

I asked the human about it when she came back into the bedroom and settled in to write, and she just looked at me and spilled her coffee.

How convenient.

Of course, after she “spilled” her coffee, she had to strip the bed and wash her sheets, which of course kept her too busy to answer me.

But that’s okay – because I’m going to go online and order a pawternity test tomorrow (she doesn’t know I have her debit card, he he he)- and THEN… I’m going to go on the Dr.Phil show and get to the bottom of this!

She should know better than to mess with a KAT! *(HUFF)!*


18 comments on “It looks like my parents have some explaining to do…

  • Uh oh… looks like the human is in trouble, huh?! MOL ๐Ÿ˜† What was she thinking? Did she really think she could fool you with those pictures?? The nerve of her!! Anyway, we just can’t wait to see the results of the paternity test! That will be fun!! MOL ๐Ÿ˜† Keep us updated, sweetie! And please take a picture of the human once she sees the results of the test… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Purrs โค Roxy & Tigerlino โค


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