Not a happy kat right now….

Published June 28, 2014 by hairballexpress
Not a happy kat right now...

Not a happy kat right now…

I’m sorry if any of you have had difficulty reading my post this morning…since the human updated the WordPress app on her phone yesterday, even I haven’t been able to see my posts! Furtunately, I sweet-talked the human into looking into things and I think she fixed the purroblem. Please let me know if any of you are still having trouble! Hopefully its fixed…*(tail flap)!* Purrs and sunpuddles to ya! *(trills)*


11 comments on “Not a happy kat right now….

    • Oh how funny!!!! MOL!!! Sorry about that…”nocreatures!!!” LOVE IT! I think it’s fixed now, and you should be able to see today’s post now! (please let me know if there’s still a purroblem)! *(trills)*


  • well, I’d say somethin’, but I’m well-mannered, you know… “stuff” does happen! am I enough polite, Mademoiselle Crevette?… 🙂 good-night and c u asap! ❤ P.S. it's 8:15 am over here… 😉


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