Creature Design Surprise!

Published June 27, 2014 by hairballexpress


I heard the Creature coming this morning, and I was getting ready to jump down from the windowsill and dive under the bed, when I heard its mother say something that stopped me in mid air!

She was telling the human that the Creature had a surprise fur me –  that yesterday, and even at bedtime last night the Creature had been so excited about making it fur me that she hadn’t been able to sleep! She had worked on it most of last night and was all excited to surprise me with it this morning!


I have to say, that I was impressed!  It made me purr that she wanted so much to make me a toy, that she worked on it all evening yesterday!

Fur its base, she took a doll barstool from her Barbie dollhouse, and used certain clothing items from Barbies’ wardrobe – (Sure hope Barbie doesn’t sue her when she finds out the Creature is the reason she’s suddenly naked as a Jaybird) –

And she used a finger puppet –  (which finger)? – and a refillable Easter egg, and stickers… And other things and carefully fashioned it together so it would stand upright fur me to look at and paw at…

And then she wrapped it up and came early this morning to purrsent it to me!
*(purrs) *


I was so surprised, I hopped up on the kat perch fur a better look…. But THEN IT THOUGHT I WANTED TO PLAY AND IT CAME AFTER ME!!!  (WHERE THE HECK IS SUPERMAN WHEN YOU NEED HIM)?


OH MY FLEAS!!!! It came right over to the kat perch and put its stuffed kats up there and started playing with my perch – why of all THE NERVE!!

Then fur the rest of the day it made a game of sneaking up behind me when I fell asleep and “surprising” me!  I tell you my nerves are Shot!

… (but I can’t wait to get my hot little paws on that pawsome toy when the humans fall asleep tonight)!


25 comments on “Creature Design Surprise!

  • Shrimp, sounds like your fur is in a loving family! Maybe they might sprinkle a bit of ye old Kat nip on it. You know a bit of the dog that bit you..


  • Oh My KATS! That’s like the cutest toy EVER!!!! (*wewantonetoo* *wewantonetoo* *wewantonetoo*) What a nice thing to do! But hey, WAIT A MINUTE… Why is she acting so nice all of a sudden?! Is this a some kind of trick? What is she up to? You’d better be careful, sweetie! (just saying…) 😉

    Purrs and tuna to ya! ❤ Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


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