Training the human to play

Published June 23, 2014 by hairballexpress


This morning I decided I’d had enough of the human always running around busily flitting from one thing to the other simply because she’s a flippin grown up with responsibilities. That’s the dumbest excuse I’ve ever heard.


So I sat on the couch, looking out the window plotting, I mean, thinking of how to get the idiot to settle down for a little bit and flippin relax.


Then I noticed the ribbons she had brought out earlier and left on the couch.

So, I waited until she walked by again on her way to the kitchen fur the ever present cup of coffee, then when I saw her look over at me, I POUNCED on the ribbons and tangled myself up in them so she’d have to come and ‘rescue’ me!


It worked like a charm!

She dropped what she was doing and rushed over to untangle me and to keep me from shredding the ribbons (nice try).

Once I was untangled, I purrtended to lose interest in the ribbons and ‘groom’ myself. And again, when she started to walk away, I pounced on the ribbons so she’d have to come back- (he he he)!


And, when she did, I looked at her like she was losing it, & resumed my “grooming…”


I kept up with the game until she finally figured out that I wanted her to play… It only took her an hour before she finally got it – (she’s getting better…. Slowly)!


When she realized I was playing with her she dropped everything and we played and snuggled until I was exhausted and lost interest fur real.

I actually think the human had more fun than I did. Sometimes she (and all humans), get so caught up in everyday life that they furget to have some fun too. Today was pawsome fur both of us and I think the human even seems happier! 600 points fur the kat!!


19 comments on “Training the human to play

  • Hehehehe… that’s the PURRFECT way to trick the human into playing with you… You’re super clever, sweetie! 😀

    Oh, and it really took her only an hour before she finally got it?? WOW!! We’re soooo impressed right now! She really IS getting better!! 😉 MOL 😆

    Purrs and kisses, Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


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