Just paws fur a minute….

Published June 14, 2014 by hairballexpress


I found out late this evening that several of my kat furiends are participating in
“Show your paws day” – as seen on
My Three Moggies & One Spoiled Cat

Well, I’ve been hiding under the bed most of the day because the human has been watching the Creature ALL DAY… So I’m going to be showing my paws a little late.
*better late than never, right?*


The humans love my paws….. But I keep them out of sight as much as possible because the flippin human loves to trim my claws (that sicko)!


She always flips out over my floof….


I’m telling you, the lady is flippin OBSESSED with my paws!


Oh, fur heaven’s sake!


Enough, already! 

*(yawn / stretch / snore)*


12 comments on “Just paws fur a minute….

  • Oh I think it’s great that you posted your paws for Show Us Your Paw Day – early, late – doesn’t matter – you pawticipated and that just means more POWER TO THE PAW!!! Thanks for having fun with us….by the way, I see why your humans like your paws – very nice and floofy indeed!

    Hugs, Sammy


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