Sunday Kat funnies

Published June 8, 2014 by hairballexpress


Uncle Sparky’s Mom told him he could do anything. Too bad the eagles’  mom said the same thing….


His mom told him there’d be days like this.


You were warned, human.


But believe me, I will succeed!


Princess had a whole new vision of the term “hot dog….”


Purrsonally, I’d prefer him just the way he is…


Where there’s a kat, there’s a way….


There’s one in every family…

           ✦ photos from Pinterest ✦


14 comments on “Sunday Kat funnies

  • OH MY CATS! Those are too funny! 😀 The human almost spilled her coffee all over the laptop from laughing so hard… 😆 We absolutely love the first one with the eagle in it! We must try that too… next time we’re on nip… 😉 Oh, and the one with the blind date is a hoot! Soooo funny!! 😀 Though we don’t understand what Brad might have against cats?! Huh? What’s his problem?! Cats are lovely, right? So why would those cats waiting in front of Sylvia’s door be a bad thing?!?! The more cats, the better, right???? 😉 Oh well… looks like some humans are even weirder than the rest of them! (*sigh*)

    Thanks for the chuckles, sweetie! Have a great Sunday! 😀
    Purrs and tunas to ya! Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


  • Mom had a kitty before me that used to do the lamp thing. Mom has a touch lamp on her night table and when he wanted something he would turn it on. If she refused to get up he would knock all her stuff off the table.


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