Oh GREAT. The attention is All on the Creature- AGAIN!

Published June 5, 2014 by hairballexpress


Well, guess what? Once AGAIN the flippin Creature has everybody’s attention on HER!

See how she is SO PLEASED with herself fur making everybody furget all about the loveliest &  sweetest kat in America (me)!

*(pout) / *(ears flattened)* / *(tail fuzzed)*

She was at school today getting all sorts of special attention and treats simply because she GRADUATED FROM PRESCHOOL!


The Creature with her diploma!

Her parents (partners in crime) were there watching as she was honored and given a flippin party and treats and a diploma and a special hat…. And they took a bazillion pictures of her and she soaked it all up like a sponge!

Did anybody mention the kat? NO!

Was there a party fur the kat? NO!

Were there treats fur the kat? NO!

Not even so much as a single TOY MOUSE!


The Creature with its Dad

Here she is with her Dad who took the day off to be there fur her special day.


Here she is with her Mom And Dad

Here she is with her Mom & Dad at a restaurant right after school fur a “special adventure.”

Once again, the kat was NOT INVITED!
*(tail flap)*


At the Creature's favorite lair

Here she is hours later at her favorite lair – playing in a giant waterbowl!

Other creatures hang out there too so they can have a conference about how to torment their kats and toys – (it must be a popular subject seeing they keep showing up every chance they get).

I am so flippin ticked! The least they could’ve done was sneak me into the restaurant, or bring home a bucket of chicken fur me – (or a duck or two)!

I feel hairball coming on…..


Cute little me


19 comments on “Oh GREAT. The attention is All on the Creature- AGAIN!

  • Yeah, you’re so right… this calls for drastic measures. So make that hairball a gargantuan one! Better yet, make that two gargantuan ones! Even if it’s a great thing that the CREATURE graduated from preschool, it’s no reason to forget about you! How dare they celebrate without you!! That’s outrageous! You’re a part of that family too! And the most improtant part of it to be precise!! You should have been the guest of honor! (*shaking heads*)

    Sending you a truckload full of treats and a diploma (for being the most beautiful, smartest and greatest kitty) and a special pink colored hat to ya! Purrs, Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

    (*the following message is not meant for Shrimp to see… so please close your eyes for a minute, sweetie*)

    Message to the Creature:

    Hey littel cutie-pie! Congrats on graduating from preschool! That's AWESOME! We're so happy for you! But psst… don't tell Shrimp we said that, okay?! 😉 And sweetie, would you do us a favor? Could you do something VERY, VERY nice for Shrimp? Like play with her. Or give her a treat. Or compliment her on her beauty. Or get her a big fat whale… Could you do that? Yes? That would be so sweet of you! THANK YOU!! 🙂 We're sure that cute little Shrimp would LOVE that! She's a little attention seeker. And we have a feeling that she would be beyond flattered if YOU would show her a LOT of attention! Thanks, sweetie! You're the BEST!! 🙂

    P.S. You are not really plotting against sweet little Shrimp, are you??????? 😯 Please tell us it ain't so!!! 😉

    Kitty hugs, Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

    (*Shrimp, you can open your eyes again…*)


    • Thanks fur the diploma!! (God knows I’ve earned it)!
      Yes, I’m waiting fur just the right moment to deliver a heavy duty hairball! It’s gonna be BEAUTIFUL!
      And thanks fur that truckload of treats!! I can’t WAIT!! *(trills)*

      The Creature looks like she’s about to try to feed me treats!!! (*WAIT A FLIPPIN MINUTE! HOW’D SHE GET HER HOT LITTLE PAWS ON MY TREATS*)!!?


  • You’re welcome, sweetie! 🙂 As for the CREATURE trying to feed you treats… maybe she’s so happy about graduating that she could hug the whole wide world… including YOU! And if her happiness leads to you getting treats FOR FREE, so be it!! Don’t read too much into it, just eat as many treats as you can!! Enjoy her attention while it lasts… 😉

    (((BIG KITTY HUGS))) ❤ Roxy & Tigerlino ❤


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