More wildlife antics….

Published May 31, 2014 by hairballexpress


Today I snagged the humans’ new camera, and decided to check out the Creature in her natural habitat, and boy, did i get a surprise!

Here she is in her cage:


She looked awfully happy fur someone stuck in a cage….*(scratches head)*… The strangest part is, that she never even tried to get out of it and seemed to be upset when she was released and her mom took her home!

I found out why she was so reluctant to leave…

She was making plans with an accomplice! Just look at her conspiring against me! Shameful!

Just look at the glee in her face!


Here she’s flippin jumping fur joy in anticipation of her plots against me!
Oh the shame of it!



This is a trap she set fur me! But it sure is a funny looking thing – Wonder how it works?  Maybe I’ll have to Google it…..


42 comments on “More wildlife antics….

  • Boy Shrimp the creature indeed is happily plotting…this is what they do..and they suck the big peeps in with these things called ‘cute smiles’ so beware ….UTB is the safest place πŸ˜‰ hugs Fozziemum xx


  • Shrimp, no wonder you look so exhausted in that last photo. All these plots must be torturing you, not know when the creature is going to spring her trap. You poor baby. My β™₯️ really goes out to you. You are in quite the predicament. *biting nails* Mom BonZo


  • That cage is probably meant for you and the CREATURE was testing it out!! That’s why she went in their willingly! Because let’s face it… WHO GOES INTO A CAGE WILLINGLY!? NO ONE! That’s who! But since she probably knew how to get out again, she had no reason not to go into that thing! She sure is plotting something against you! And it’s scary that she even has little helpers now!!! Poor Shrimp! We fear for your safety! 😦

    Oh, and that funny looking thingie? That’s probably the entrance to the cage. And once she’ll put her plan to catch you into action she’ll probably put yummy treats or tuna or a big fat whale or anything that might attract a KAT in there to lure you in! Why that clever little thing!! If it weren’t so shocking we’d admire her cleverness… 😯 Dangit! You just can’t win with her!! You’d better start digging that tunnel to Japan again… Sorry, Shrimp! But there seems to be no other way out of this but to go as far away as your paws will carry you… 😦 (*sigh*)

    Purrs and new shovels (for digging the tunnel)…
    Roxy & Tigerlino ❀


    • Why thank you, Marty! I have to admit its hard to use though…. Since I don’t have thumbs…. And I can’t ask the human fur help, because I Can’t let her know I’m using “HER” toy!

      *(she’s so SELFISH)!*


  • Oh no you better keep a good eye on that creature and I am happy you are taking photos to keep a running agenda of her habits so you can plan your get away from her.


  • Oh No Shrimp dat’s pawful. Meez saw hers conspiwin’. but at least yous on da defense. MOL And yes hoomans don’t seem tu be boddewed by cages neawly as much as wees awe. Maybe ders awe much mowe fun. MOL Yous lookin kwite gawjus der cat nappin’. Hope fings wowk out okay. πŸ˜€

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses



  • Super cute pictures. All baby humans like to play in and around those cages, they even get their purrrfect little heads caught in between the bars sometimes, and you should see how they kick and scratch when it happens.


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