I’ve been stalking the Wildlife around here…

Published May 29, 2014 by hairballexpress


I’m learning how this camera dealie works, so I’ve started stalking the wildlife around here. Believe me, the Creature is as wild as it gets!


Me.... Plotting my territory

I watch  the Creature as it plots and schemes against me and its toys, and when I think it’s safe, I grab the human’s camera and take my own wildlife pictures.

It’s really quite a task following it around with a camera, since it moves at the speed of light… and it’s always trying to get its hot little paws on my lovely fur….

But MAYBE if I study the creature, I may be able to figure out what it’s going to do next.

I don’t get what it’s doing with the umbrella… It’s getting watered by its Mom along with all the other stuff in the yard, and it even seems to ENJOY getting soaked- so then, why the umbrella?


Here they say she was helping her parents work in the backyard… But if you look closely, she’s having too much fun…

It looks just a little suspicious to me!?

I’ll bet she’s setting a TRAP fur me! That’s  GOT to be it!

She’s purrobably got all kinds of hair ties and barrettes and clips and PINK NAIL POLISH IN THOSE BUSHES, JUST WAITING TIL SHE CAN GET HER HOT LITTLE PAWS ON ME!

Well, I’ll never let her catch me – I’m on full alert!


Good Luck, Creature.


29 comments on “I’ve been stalking the Wildlife around here…

  • The umbrella thing is kind of weird… but then again, so are the humans, right? MOL (*chuckles*) 😆 And if you ask us, you probably have every reason to be suspicious! It really looks like the Creature has set a trap for you! NO CREATURE enjoys “helping” its parents THAT much! There’s something fishy about it! So you’d better avoid going to the backyard if not absolutely nessesary… just saying… 😉

    Purrs and tunas to ya! 😀
    Roxy & Tigerlino ❤ ❤ ❤


  • Oh Shrimp meez so sowwy da cweatuwe has yous missin’ out on naps. But deys can be sneaky meez heawd. And sis Lexi sez ifin deys evew catch yous deys don’t wanna let yous go. Hav fun and yous will get it all figgewed out.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥



  • Oh that creature is up to something and she is having to much fun doing it.
    I have an emergency here.
    There are two new creatures. The new baby turned out to be two and they cry all of the time and spit stuff all over.
    I am happy they went home and I hope their mama who is a grown creature now does not bring them back.


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