Fur your inFURmation…

Published May 7, 2014 by hairballexpress


I am amused (as much as any kat is EVER amused), when I hear humans speculating about whether their kats really love them, or just hang around for the free food.

Well, DUH! 

Only humans could come up with that one! MOL! But seriously……

What kat wouldn’t “love” a human who takes them in and gives them their choice of thrones to nap on, books by the dozen (also fur napping on),  piles of warm laundry fresh from the dryer (also for napping on), couches to sharpen their claws on, toys to play with, food and treats on demand, and sometimes even a DOG to pick on!?

Let’s face it – We kats of course feel affection fur our humans, but the amount of affection we feel is directly purrportional to the amount and quality of food they give us!

Those who feed us little, are loved little –

But those who love us and care enough fur us to give us their best and who talk to us – we love and are completely devoted to!

Let’s see… how do I say this in a way that even a human can understand?

When you love us, we feel it, and we know it because we see it in the way you treat us, the way you talk to us, the way you feed us, and whether or not you acknowledge us.

These are the ways we understand your love and care for us.

Here are the ways we show love and care fur you:


Got it now?

Good- I’m HUNGRY! *(tummy rumbles)*

              ✦”Signs” from Pinterest✦


24 comments on “Fur your inFURmation…

  • Great advice my friend. Great advice. I have a special coming to my blog about the purr things here at the Hotel Thompson. Hopefully I will have it out the beginning of next week. πŸ™‚ XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. Love you!


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